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How to find your way around

  • To the Right of the large BreadtagSagas banner are a list of all the Categories to the different types of posts which is found on all Posts including the Home Page. The Rest category consists of all the more diverse areas of my interest.
  • The country button locates relevant posts by country. The about button also leads to contacts, links and navigation. the galleries button provides some photo galleries to the earlier posts.
  • The search button indicated by a magnifier will locate any text or title anywhere on the site.
  • The Filter by Topic bar, under the main illustration on the homepage, is a also quick entry to all the different types of posts.
  • The large carousel picture on the home page allows you to pick articles at semi-random.
  • On each page and post, except the home page, at the left below Breadtag Sagas and above the title heading: The tiny house icon is also a return to home button.
  • On the far right hand side (RHS) at the top of the home page is a dark triangle with a plus in a circle. Click this and it opens up a navigation menu to pages, posts and archives.
  • There are also links to categories, pages and archives at the bottom of each page.
  • The right side bar on the blog posts and pages also provides access and information.
  • At the LHS Bottom of each page is a an upside down V for click back up to the top.
  • Home buttons are scattered widely to get back to the home page.

I wrote this section in the first blush of developing the site. Who needs navigation support? It is maintained as an anachronism.


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