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What is History 6: Religion

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   Breadtag Sagas ©: Author Tony,  2 October 2017 What is History 6: The Development or Evolution of Religion Preamble Yuval Noah Harari Sapiens: A brief history of humankind Harper 2014 (first published in Hebrew in 2011). I feel guilty delving into Harari before embarking on Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel 1997 a much more profound book and one I have …

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Classic SciFi 9: Isaac Asimov I, Robot & Killer Robots

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     Breadtag Sagas ©: Author Tony,  1 April 2017 Isaac Asimov I, Robot & Killer Robots Today Introduction The killer robots come later. I bought two novels at Asia Books in Bangkok in late February and was offered, as part of a promotion, one book free from a remainder pile. I dithered between a beginners guide to Nietzche (not a Belgian — …

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Classic SciFi 5: William Gibson’s Art of Prophecy

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   Breadtag Sagas ©: Author Tony,  10 June 2016 Classic SciFi 5: William Gibson’s Art of Prophecy Introduction The articles Classic Scifi 4: William Gibson Neuromancer 1984 and The Art of Prophesy & William Gibson provide a necessary background. The articles to follow on Count Zero 1986 and Mona Lisa Overdrive 1988 will complete the series. I introduced the Guardian article by Ed …