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Angkor Guide 2023

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Featured Image: Entrance to The Bayon, Buddhist Temple, Angkor Thom Breadtag Sagas ©: Author Tony,  1 December 2022 Angkor Guide 2023 Introduction We are thinking of going to Siem Reap and Angkor in Cambodia again as part of a trip to Thailand in January 2023. We went there for the first time ten years ago in 2013. Over the years, …

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What is History 6: Religion

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   Breadtag Sagas ©: Author Tony,  2 October 2017 My what is history series somewhat naively perhaps looks at history from the broad perspective of what processes an intelligent naked ape might go through to develop civilisation. From that perspective the study of human history should also consider the external forces, including geography, environment, disease and natural disasters that have shaped …