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Clive Purcell WWI Soldier

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Featured Image: Frank Hurley, Infantry Marching in Single File to the Front Line, Western Front 1917, State Library NSW Breadtag Sagas ©: Author Tony, 1 March 2022 Also see the article about Clive’s sister Annie Purcell WWI nurse. Clive Purcell WWI Soldier, Gallipoli and France/Flanders, 1915-1919 Main Points What was the Australian Infantry Force (AIF) in World War I (WWI)? …

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Annie Purcell WWI Nurse

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Featured Image: Clive and Annie Purcell, Studio Portrait, Sandhill Camp, England, June 1918 Breadtag Sagas ©: Author Tony, 2 February 2022 Also see the article about Annie’s brother Clive Purcell WWI soldier. Auntie Nam,  Annie Watkins Bennett Vize Purcell, WWI Nurse (1887-1941) Introduction My mother called her Auntie Nam. She liked and admired her greatly. She was the sister of …

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Large dams 2: Aswan High Dam

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Featured photo: Satellite image: Insightdigital & Google, Aswan High Dam 2009    Breadtag Sagas ©: Author Tony,  21 September 2015    Case study: The Aswan High Dam and the Nile in Egypt    Introduction This is the second of three articles on large dams the others are Large Dams 1: An Introduction and Large Dams 3: Oustees India. The Murray-Darling Basin Catastrophe describes …